How to Train a Submissive

How to Train a Submissive

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What in the world is D/s training and why is it so damn hot?

In this introduction to D/s protocol and behavior modification, The Voice will teach you how to use rules, corrections, rewards, and punishments to create a deep and intimate power exchange dynamic. The class will help submissive types learn how to deepen their submission, obedience, and service. This course will teach everyone how to develop their shared values and outcomes for training.

Training protocols are a powerful way to bring kink into action in everyday life and achieve your D/s relationship goals together. We look at how to successfully build a structured, rule-based dynamic. In this class, you will also learn how to use positive and negative behavior reinforcement to get the best behavior out of your sub!

Some areas covered:

  • The psychology of training

  • Developing protocols and punishments

  • Authority, disciple, and correction

  • Service-based submission

  • Dealing with failure

  • Ways to track, monitor, and report.