Introduction to DD/lg

Introduction to DD/lg

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Do you crave having a loving and strict Daddy? Do you want to look after a little and make them all yours?!

This class will explore the DD/lg dynamic from both the top and bottom. We will look at why anyone might want this dynamic and deconstruct the Archetypes and narratives that go with this play.

The Voice will teach you how to create intimacy through this caretaker role and how to train the lg into being sweet, submissive, and well behaved.

You will also learn:

  • Hot ways to sexualize this dynamic
  • Outfits
  • Fun games and activities
  • Intimate rituals
  • Rules and discipline
  • Fun ideas for tasks, homework and cute crafting!
  • Different types of Roles from sadistic to doting Daddies and brat to good girls.
  • Scene ideas ð'¡
  • Brat taming (or encouraging!)

The class will cover how to vet a good DD/lg for safe consensual play. We will look at judgment and shame and find ways to reframe your thinking about wanting a Daddy. The Voice will discuss wants to create your own unique and powerful dynamic and you will hear from the s side of the slash too!

Though this class is from the perspective of DD/lg dynamics all CG/l dynamics and ageplayers are welcome and will find this class to be very informative.